How to find a professional and best Personal Trainer for your goals



Finding a personal trainer means the difference between getting your body in the shape you want and getting ripped off.

Every gym that you visit will be filled with personal trainers who are willing to take on any client and are ready to start training you at a blink of an eye. However, that does not mean that you are getting the best personal trainer possible for your goals, and for your body type.

Some of the important things that you need to consider when hiring profession personal trainer is their qualification and experience in the field and previous results that they have provided. One of the first thing you would need to consider is their qualification.



Now a days getting a qualification in physical health, and kinesiology is not that hard. But that does not mean that being qualified means they are qualified to train you.

Sometimes to just get qualified as a trainer you need certificate III or IV in fitness and you probably will also need things like First Aid and CPR, which are easy to get. These are the bare minimum. However, an individual's personal skills, their own talents will define how good they will be at the job they do, including training other individuals. So when you are selecting a personal trainer, make sure you ask them about their qualification and also how they can train you better, and what is their strategy going ahead if you do sign up with them.


Previous Results

Another aspect of selection process that you need to keep in mind is the previous results. This includes their previous clients that they have worked with and whether they have their pictures, including before and after. Also ask the goals that they have achieved.

Check their Facebook and Instagram profile and see how active they are. They usually would put the pictures of their clients and their workout routines on social media. And if you can find these then you will be able to judge, based on what they put up. However, you would not know much unless you have spoken to the personal trainer directly.

Also check their Google reviews and reviews on other sites, including to True Local and Yelp. Or you can just basically just search their name on Google and see what shows up.

You can then compare all those results and see if there is any negative feedback, and if they are a negative feedback what the feedback is about and how they have addressed the feedback. This will also prove to you that they are not only engaged, but they're actively participating in the client’s journey.


They are Fitness Junkies themselves

A personal trainer like any other professional must also be good at what they do for themselves as well. They do not necessarily have to be in the best physical shape, but they should at least project a healthy physical body. They should be clean, they should be strong, active, filled with energy, because these are the signs that you need to look for. Because when it comes to your turn, they can actually show you how they achieved their bodies and how they can make you achieve yours as well.

However, do not be confused by someone's physical size because a bulked up train trainer can be bad trainer and a trainer who is skinny and lean can actually be much better than the other ones.


They have a Process to Assess your Needs

Personal training is not simply just hitting the gym or doing workouts in the hopes to get the results, which oftentimes we do get. But unless someone has a plan they cannot achieve their goal. So when you are signing up make sure that you ask them for their process and how is their onboarding, what assessments they do to figure out what goals you need, and what type of diet and exercise plan you would need.

If they do not have an assessment process that should be a red signal. And you must consider going somewhere else, because without an assessment procedure or process you will not be able to get your goals as your requirements are will never be clear to the trainer.


They are Social

A personal trainer is someone who deals with other people all the time, hence they must or at the very least should have a very social and friendly personality. This will eventually show how they will get along with you and how they will get along with other people. The friendlier they are, the better chances are you will feel comfortable working out with them and follow their plans.

There will be no awkwardness between both of you and this will help you communicate clearly and tell all your insecurities and issues that you want them to address. Of course, they're not a psychologist or psychiatrist, but discussing your personal insecurities including your stress level including your diet, your family matters that can't stress your body and can lead to putting on more weight or losing unnecessary weight will help them create a better plan. But this is only possible if you are comfortable talking to them, as it is not a requirement to discuss these things with your personal trainer.

They are Mobile

They should also be able to visit you at your location if the need be this is one of the most important areas to consider if you cannot travel due to family obligation, disability or lockdowns like COVID. 

When a personal trainer is mobile they can move around and visit their client at their location it make if convenient to workout and continue the plan to the end. Most of us a more comfortable at our own place and when a personal trainer can come there it just make it a whole lot better.

So, these are some of the ways you can assess how good a personal trainer is and how you can benefit from their experience and from their plan. If you need to find out more or you have questions, please contact Janetta Leota who is a professional trainer herself operating for more than 10 years in Melbourne, Australia, with dozens of clients.


Best Real Estate in Footscray

JK Gill Real Estate Footscray
Moving to your new home or selling the one you already living in can be a stressful process especially if it is your first time. However, working with the best agency in Melbourne will not only help you reduce this stress but also get the results you want.

The first hurdle that you will face is to find the best real estate agent in your area. If this is your first time it would be hard to find a list of agencies that meet your requirements. If you do look at reviews on you will find plenty of agencies that may have listed properties in areas you're interested.
However, how would you know which one is best, and which one will suit your needs. To address this issue one of the easiest way is to find agencies that your friends and family have dealt in the past. Or you can just look up reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp and other review sites. This will help you understand, which real estate agencies have positive reviews and which have negative. And then also analyze what people are actually saying, especially the negative comments, because they reveal a lot more.
However, once you have chosen the real estate agents you want to work with, it's important to understand how they work, what their specialty is, what their expertise is and the kind of properties they deal with. This will give you an idea of what you can expect going ahead with them and what to look for in the first consultation. The first consultation is a opportunity for you to get an idea of who you're dealing with, who are the people that will be handling your request and provide the service you need.
Once you have done your first meeting you would know whether you are dealing with the best this agency or not. After that it becomes important to see what they're offering you in terms of the portfolio, prices and fees. How many listings they have and how often can they go out and how many inspections they can book for you, and so forth and so on.
One of the best real estate agency in Footscray that I had personally dealt with is JK Gill, run by Mandip Singh, who is an experienced agent and have plenty of experience behind his back. One of the other things that JK Gill provides is that they have a lot of acreage homes and large lands that are really good for those who are looking for investment opportunities as well as equity growth in the future.
Mandip personally deals with all his clients face to face, and everyone knows him by name, and he's always available to answer any questions or concern you may have. JK Gill also offers a lot of commercial and rental real estate in Footscray area as well which are suitable for those who are looking for specifically those type of properties. If you just want to rent a commercial space they can provide some of the best places in Footscray, and even outside in Melbourne region as well.
If you're planning to sell your home and are looking for an agency that can do it then JK Gill is also one of the best options because they have a large network of agents who they can cross reference and who can cross sell properties with. They also have wide presence, all around Footscray and Melbourne, where they can reach more potential buyers for your property. They have a track record of selling properties within 21 days, and would be very beneficial for those who are looking for a quick turnover. Considering how the economy is right now in 2020, it's wise to choose a real estate agency similar to JK Gill which has properties all over Melbourne and can deal with clients from any part of Melbourne. Keeping in mind also that the buyers they find you are ready and pre-qualified. If you want to find out more about JK Gill look at their Google reviews online and also check their website.

Unusual Approach in Skincare Industry

Skinologie Skin Clinic Melbourne

A month back I had to opportunity to sign up a client with the request that I spend 5-6 hours per day, 2-3 days a week in their location. I had to take over their marketing efforts and train the management.
While this was unusual, I liked the idea because I could work in the environment and learn more about the business. This would have given me the information and data to perform better.

The company in discussion is called Skinologie and they are a Melbourne based Skincare Clinic. I am personally dealing with the owner named Saf Yilmaz and his wife Dr. Ceylan Yilmaz.

At this stage I have been focusing on two aspects of their marketing and online presesence. Their SEO and website. They have a decent traffic of over 300 visitors per month but more than half of those exist the website without clicking deeper than 2 pages. About 25% leave after landing on the homepage. Where as the other majority leaves after reading about their individual services.

Now this is a bit of challange for me to improve their conversion while I am the only one working on their marketing.

Will keep you guys updated as how this goes.

My fashion and beauty brand - Nioar

I know you are probably thinking, so what and why should I give a damn about your starting a fashion and beauty brand. It's not that hard to do. But have you been able to take it somewhere?

I guess a straight answer would be - no. And yes, why should you give a damn about it.

Let me tell you something about myself first. All my life I had great dreams for myself, most of them were too far to reach and too obscure to be real. I spent a decade of my life studying and ended up working labour jobs. Heck, I even tried working as a security for a year. I did all of this so that I can free up time to work on my dreams. I never did end up spending that much time on any of my dreams. I started them, worked a little and then they all stalled for one reason or another.

A month after I started Nioar Beauty I was pumped and excited to get the brand rolling. I was over the moon when I got my first sale. It looked as if things were working out and Nioar was on the right track. After a few weeks I got busy with family life and small jobs and didn't end up spending time on Nioar. As a result the brand stalled, sales stopped and my interest waned. Then I went on to work on another project. So one project after another, I kept starting but not going all the way.

I have not been able to focus more than 1 hour per week on any project. I blamed my self for being lazy but I have realised one very important lesson from all my failed projects - keep the momentum or you will stop.

Once you start to run you have to keep pushing harder till you have gained enough speed that mundane things would not stop you. At that point you can let the momentum of your body push you ahead and bring you success.

So,, go luck and best wishes to anyone and everyone trying new things and failing. Do not lose hope or momemtum.

Till next time.