Unusual Approach in Skincare Industry

Skinologie Skin Clinic Melbourne

A month back I had to opportunity to sign up a client with the request that I spend 5-6 hours per day, 2-3 days a week in their location. I had to take over their marketing efforts and train the management.
While this was unusual, I liked the idea because I could work in the environment and learn more about the business. This would have given me the information and data to perform better.

The company in discussion is called Skinologie and they are a Melbourne based Skincare Clinic. I am personally dealing with the owner named Saf Yilmaz and his wife Dr. Ceylan Yilmaz.

At this stage I have been focusing on two aspects of their marketing and online presesence. Their SEO and website. They have a decent traffic of over 300 visitors per month but more than half of those exist the website without clicking deeper than 2 pages. About 25% leave after landing on the homepage. Where as the other majority leaves after reading about their individual services.

Now this is a bit of challange for me to improve their conversion while I am the only one working on their marketing.

Will keep you guys updated as how this goes.

My fashion and beauty brand - Nioar

I know you are probably thinking, so what and why should I give a damn about your starting a fashion and beauty brand. It's not that hard to do. But have you been able to take it somewhere?

I guess a straight answer would be - no. And yes, why should you give a damn about it.

Let me tell you something about myself first. All my life I had great dreams for myself, most of them were too far to reach and too obscure to be real. I spent a decade of my life studying and ended up working labour jobs. Heck, I even tried working as a security for a year. I did all of this so that I can free up time to work on my dreams. I never did end up spending that much time on any of my dreams. I started them, worked a little and then they all stalled for one reason or another.

A month after I started Nioar Beauty I was pumped and excited to get the brand rolling. I was over the moon when I got my first sale. It looked as if things were working out and Nioar was on the right track. After a few weeks I got busy with family life and small jobs and didn't end up spending time on Nioar. As a result the brand stalled, sales stopped and my interest waned. Then I went on to work on another project. So one project after another, I kept starting but not going all the way.

I have not been able to focus more than 1 hour per week on any project. I blamed my self for being lazy but I have realised one very important lesson from all my failed projects - keep the momentum or you will stop.

Once you start to run you have to keep pushing harder till you have gained enough speed that mundane things would not stop you. At that point you can let the momentum of your body push you ahead and bring you success.

So,, go luck and best wishes to anyone and everyone trying new things and failing. Do not lose hope or momemtum.

Till next time.